Bismark Processing Report

/gscratch/srlab/strigg/data/Pgenr/FASTQS/EPI-145_S38_L005_R1_001_val_1.fq.gz and /gscratch/srlab/strigg/data/Pgenr/FASTQS/EPI-145_S38_L005_R2_001_val_2.fq.gz

Data processed at 23:21 on 2018-11-15


Sequence pairs analysed in total 25314513
Paired-end alignments with a unique best hit 15727552
Pairs without alignments under any condition 5225438
Pairs that did not map uniquely 4361523
Genomic sequence context not extractable (edges of chromosomes) 49148

Cytosine Methylation

Total C's analysed 498623075
Methylated C's in CpG context 15075565
Methylated C's in CHG context 2311032
Methylated C's in CHH context 4849033
Methylated C's in Unknown context 142704
Unmethylated C's in CpG context 58499178
Unmethylated C's in CHG context 104064610
Unmethylated C's in CHH context 313823657
Unmethylated C's in Unknown context 2166329
Percentage methylation (CpG context) 20.5%
Percentage methylation (CHG context) 2.2%
Percentage methylation (CHH context) 1.5%
Methylated C's in Unknown context N/A%

Alignment to Individual Bisulfite Strands

OT 7741430 original top strand
CTOT 0 complementary to original top strand
CTOB 0 complementary to original bottom strand
OB 7936974 original bottom strand